We can all agree that at some point between swapping spit and swapping keys, we’ve either been the one to say or hear, the oh so dreaded…”It’s no you, it’s me”. Well what happens when in reality it’s “us”.

A successful relationship takes time, commitment and honesty – at times brutal honesty. Which is it what it takes to leave the one you love out of respect. And yes, this happens more than you think. While underlying grief still exists, so too does a mutual agreement. Loving someone, but not seeing them in your future, is like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together and then missing the final one. The picture is visible, but nowhere near complete.

Early days of relationship building teaches us that compromise is key. We must rely on simple give and take to strike balance. However, there is no room for compromise when it comes to seeking fulfillment. Compromises become sacrifices, which only leads to resentment.


With my birthday conveniently just around the corner, I’ll soon be celebrating yet another passing year. Continuing on that steep downhill climb toward thirty, and I’m still no closer to having a plan. I’m still no closer to wanting to start my own family. While waiting for marriage is becoming a common trend among women of the millennial generation, there is still an overwhelming expectation that we not only embody a natural motherly instinct, but also choose to bear children.

Factoring in societal influences, not only should we be striving to attain motherhood, but more importantly, a change in status from “just a mom” to “mom-on-the-go”. Mothers serve as an entire sub-section of female branding, which focuses on members of the gender taking on dual duties and looking fabulous all the while. In addition to parenting pressures, women face constant reminders of the importance to stay fit, become a foodie and make each update present on social media. The beginning of a new chapter, equates to the beginning of a new life – literally.

Call me immature. Call me selfish. Call me infertile.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m definitely considered the first and second.

In many cases, social conformity plays a role in female decision-making. There exists a long checklist of common goals, which require being ticked off in a certain order. There is no room for error. No room for judgment. However, the greatest tool for empowerment is having a strong sense of self, which only comes after much exploration. And for some exploring the road less travelled is more rewarding.

About The Author

Laura Shirk
Theatre Professional

Laura is a University of Guelph alumna with an Honours Degree in Theatre Studies. Through her writing, she looks to engage with the online community and share her interest of arts and culture. She has no shame when it comes to dancing in public. Achievements: -Published Writer: primary contributor for Illuminessence e-magazine, a lifestyle magazine celebrating young professional women -Tottering Biped Theatre General Manager: a touring theatre company that aims to explore suburban theatre - during my time with TBT, I served as a community arts representative and helped to implement its first annual university touring theatre program, establish the Arts and Cultural Collective of Burlington and organize the first annual TBT Film Festival

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