Snapchat- What’s the big fuss?

Launched in 2011 and with an estimated Net Worth of over $1.5 billion, Snapchat has become a new platform of instantaneous communication.  For those who are unfamiliar with Snapchat, it is an application where users can exchange pictures and videos with one another, which then the ‘Snap’ will be deleted and disappear forever. With over 700 million photos and videos shared per day, Snapchat has become an increasingly popular form of communication amongst teens. It is no surprise that this disappearing act Snapchat introduced has changed the social media game. A picture is worth a thousand words but, what’s the point of sending a picture if it disappears into the abyss after a few seconds?

Being an avid Snapchat user myself, I can say that Snapchat is much more fun than any other messaging applications. I can act goofy and send ugly pictures to my friends without being afraid that it will be plastered over the internet the next day. In an instant, I can send pictures and videos of myself to my friends of what I’m doing. I would much rather send a picture of the beach to my friends rather than say ‘At the beach right now, it is so nice!’. After all, why send a long paragraph to my best friend describing the beach and weather when I can just send her a video?

Quoting one user: “It also allows teens to document their lives in clever and funny ways that aren’t viewable to everyone, and so teens don’t risk appearing obnoxious publicly, in a way that constant uploads to Facebook or Twitter might seem.”
            -Grace Gallogly

Snapchat is a highly reactive instant messaging application, where users can react and reply fast without over thinking their Snap. With Snapchat, users can be spontaneous rather than spending hours as they would on Instagram deciding which filter to use. Because of the time limitations on each Snap, users become more engaged with the conversation as well. In a sense, Snapchat allows users to create short 10 second stories of their everyday lives. These snaps enable users to have real time glimpses of each other lives, creating a stronger sense of connectivity with one another. I definitely would give Snapchat a 10/10. It is effortless, quick, and fun…what more can someone ask for in an app?

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June Li
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York University graduate, majoring in Communication Studies and Anthropology. Moved from Hong Kong to Toronto as a young child. Consumed by social media and real estate. Loves festivals, food and Netflix. Wanderlust at heart.

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