Ok ladies, I know you’re with me.

Scratch that: single ladies. Let me be the first to congratulate you, #madeit

Through the holiday parties that aren’t, yet should be advertised as “for couples only” and the insta feeds screaming “I DO!” (btw fellas super original…)

Through the family members questioning your lack of a life partner and the over-the-top commercials offering the perfect choice in gift.

You’ve officially left your former self behind covered in tinsel, sipping on eggnog and holding onto the last fleeting moments of another year that showed promise.

So. Now. What. It’s time to call bullsh*t.


Somewhere between the invention of the smartphone and the latest Netflix and chill trend, the dating game has been reduced to just that: a game.  One that potentially questions sanity, as competitors try to outlast, outwit and outplay the other.  In fear of being sent three steps back, it’s now the norm to expect the prize before putting together all the pieces.  And while there definitely is a time, a place and (some would even argue an age) for that kind of fast forward play, sometimes a girl just wants to be asked out on a real date.

Yes, we’ve all been tempted by the “Let’s hang” text.

As in let’s watch a movie that ends with you hanging off the end of his couch half naked.


And while it’s fun and harmless and doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s exactly the reason why the majority of Millennials has lost touch with their feelings and lack basic communication skills.  With no idea as to when someone is showing genuine interest, both men and women fail to pick up on general social cues because they’re too busy trying to just plain pick up.


And while there’s no judgment here if you’re just into a little FWB action, there’s no need to settle for sporadic text messages or backup plans down the road when you end up falling hard.

With the state of the current hook-up culture, little more than a physical connection is often established between two people.  Because of this, both men and women fail to learn how to repeatedly let their guard down.  Protective of their time, social circle, body and most importantly, heart, one negative experience often leads to game over for the foreseeable future.  And while trust doesn’t seem to be an obvious component to the widely practiced “hit it and quit it”, it should be.


So let 2016 be the year to re-introduce the rules of the dating game.  For those looking for something more than a Tinder swipe and less than a key swap.

  1. Set your standards just a titch higher: you deserve better than you think.
  2. Speak up: go out of your way to meet people in unlikely ways.
  3. Work for it: either you’re worth the wait, or he’s not worth your time.
  4. For the love of all things date night: chivalry is not dead.
  5. Hit me with your digits: texter vs. caller, FYI there is a winner

About The Author

Laura Shirk
Theatre Professional

Laura is a University of Guelph alumna with an Honours Degree in Theatre Studies. Through her writing, she looks to engage with the online community and share her interest of arts and culture. She has no shame when it comes to dancing in public. Achievements: -Published Writer: primary contributor for Illuminessence e-magazine, a lifestyle magazine celebrating young professional women -Tottering Biped Theatre General Manager: a touring theatre company that aims to explore suburban theatre - during my time with TBT, I served as a community arts representative and helped to implement its first annual university touring theatre program, establish the Arts and Cultural Collective of Burlington and organize the first annual TBT Film Festival

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