When you enter the world of filmmaking you are overwhelmed by the abundance of genres that can be explored, such as comedy, drama, rom-com, musical, thriller, mystery, horror, documentary, reality, and much more. But the most dreading of genres is the wedding video genre. This is mostly because rather than recording people having fun, you want to be the one having fun; dancing, singing, drinking, etc.

For those that are not familiar, basic wedding videography consists of showing up to the wedding ceremonies and reception, capturing “aww” moments between the bride and groom, the giving away of the bride, and the cake-cutting ceremony. It’s so simple any buffoon that can operate a camera can do it. But now, filmmakers are realizing the endless possibilities and potential that wedding videos can present.

Just like any film; feature or independent, weddings also follow a form of storyline and/or plot arch. You have the Hero and Heroine (Groom & Bride), the supporting characters (Parents, Maid of Honour, and Best Man), the Extras (Brides Maids, Groomsmen, and Guests) and even in the most picture perfect weddings, some sort of adversity and/or disaster.

Today, wedding videography has become high in demand. Nowadays, people seek to turn their lives into reality TV and would pay top dollar to feel like Kim Kardashian at their wedding, and now with wedding videographers adding a cinematic flair to their projects by turning them into feature length documentaries that consist of rituals and ceremonies, interactions between family members and wedding guests, close-door conversations between mother and bride, father and groom, tears of bidding farewell, and the standard interview segments, thus making every bride feel like a reality TV star.

A happy bride is indeed equal to a happy paycheck, but more than the money, you want to know how wedding videography can benefit you! By filming weddings, you are surrounding yourself around real people that are probably experiencing various emotions. But wedding videography and specifically help you when it comes to shooting for what could be your true passion; fiction, features, independent films.

  • As a cameraman, weddings increase your swiftness to capture a spontaneous moment because you know you are not going to be able to get that shot again.
  • As an editor, you will generally be asked to do a same day edit that will be shown at the reception, so your edits must be on point, and you need to be quick to edit.
  • As a Writer and/or Director, as I mentioned earlier. You are surrounded by real people who aren’t really familiar with the concept/lifestyle of celebrity-dom. They act like real people, talk like real people, walk like real people, and eat like real people, and even drink like real people. And what does every filmmaker strive for… REALISM.



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As a writer you want to have the right idea of cause and affect with your characters. If you are working on a “tell-all” type of wedding video then you will begin to see character traits and patterns of certain people; the ever-loving mother whose only wish is to give her daughter a fairytale wedding, while at the same time pushing back her tears in moments of reminiscence, the ever so strong daddy-dearest who turns into a ball of mush when it comes time to give his baby girl to her future husband. The materialistic aunt and uncle to keeps an account of all the gifts for when their child gets married, the random fun-loving uncle who becomes everyone’s uncle after drink #7, and the best friend who is resistant to the idea of change and as a result becomes an obstacle at every turn despite their best efforts not to.

As a witness to these emotions and characteristics, you as a director will be very attune to the way an actor should deliver such actions and behavior.

The only way I can think to end this post is with a note: Life is what you make of it. If life gives you lemons… You find some avocados and make guacamole!

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Safira's life revolves around media, arts and entertainment. Always wanting to go to see the most recent release, keeping up with the latest gossip, and trying the newest in technology, Safira discovered she had the capability to show people the way she viewed the world, either through her artwork and writing skills. While in high school at the Toronto Waldorf School, Safira joined the Yearbook committee introducing her to graphic design & photography. From there Safira began to hone the power of the word & design, and to visualize stories through photography. Safira attended Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology for their Media & Communications and Broadcasting Television Programs where she mastered her skills in Mass Media, Communication & Broadcasting with a main focus on Sales, Marketing and Public Relations in regards to media and skills in photography, video editing, audio design, graphic design, production planning, and much more! Now, Safira is true jack-of-all-trades with a passion and knowledge in PR & Marketing, Film/Televison Production, and Photography & Graphic design with industry related experience in all.

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