In this technological era, society has become progressively more consumed with social media. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, to YouTube, it can be said there is almost an obsession with social media. What started out as pleasure and leisure use for consumer’s spare time has now branched out as an outlet for professionals. With social media, the spread of information and content has been increasingly easy and quick. For example, even with only two likes on a Facebook post can cause it to have hundreds of views from other Facebook Users.

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Social media is readily available for professionals to market and advertise their business for a relatively low price. It is true that with basic internet skills and a bit of time anyone would be able to navigate social media channels and use it professionally. However- to use these outlets efficiently and effectively is a different story.

This raises the question whether social media can be considered a real job. Being an independent contractor with the main focus of my work being around social media, I can say social media is a real job.

Although handling social media channels can be quick and easy, to actually have a post be effective is more difficult. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Stay relevant! If you are going to post news related to your business, make sure the news is up to date. Consumers aren’t going to care what happened a year ago if it doesn’t affect them. Keeping your potential viewers informed on current news will leave a good impression as they will view that you understand what is going on in this moment.
  • Grab their attention- Use Pictures! Pictures say a thousand words. Try to keep your posts short and to the point as people tend to have a short attention span on social media. Draw people in by standing out from everyone else by posting vibrant pictures.
  • Post Regularly! Posting regularly will let your audience know that you are still in the game! Keep in mind the time of the day you are sending out the posts as well. For example, posting something during lunch time where people have free time will have more potential views rather than posting something at midnight.
  • Reply, Reply, Reply! If a comments on your post, always remember to reply, even if it is a simple thank you. That will let your audience know that you appreciate them. If someone leaves a bad review of you- make sure to deal with the situation and not simply delete the post. Deleting the post will not only enrage consumers but also leaves a bad reputation of yourself to other people who potentially saw the post as well.

Social media provides a new platform for consumers and companies to communicate with each other that was never available before. This platform is crucial as the communication between the consumer and company are often made public. The way a company or professional represents themselves on social media becomes increasingly important. Social media also enable companies and professionals to connect with their consumers on a more personal level. Open communication lines can often mean long lasting relationships with consumers as well. Having applied to jobs where the sole focus is social media, I can say that there is definitely a market for social media experts. There are many aspects that need to be considered for a professional social media channel to do well.

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York University graduate, majoring in Communication Studies and Anthropology. Moved from Hong Kong to Toronto as a young child. Consumed by social media and real estate. Loves festivals, food and Netflix. Wanderlust at heart.

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