We’ve all heard the saying “Mind over Matter” in other words, if you keep thinking about going to the bathroom, the more you will need to go. And we’ve all heard that determination stems from the mind. Doing something even when people tell you “you can’t,” or “you shouldn’t” because its dangerous, or just because they don’t think you can do it.




Just recently my car broke down and for the next while I will be taking the bus to work. Tuesday morning, I woke up late for work and decided to ride my bike to the bus stop. While waiting for the much-delayed bus I contemplated riding my bike all the way to work. In this contemplation I phoned my trusted adviser (my mother) and asked her if there was a faster way for me to reach work *cough* Über *cough, cough* after a straight up NO because it costs more than two bus fares; despite the ultra safe and comfortable qualities Über has to offer. Nonetheless, as a struggling professional I went the economically safe route and took the bus; skipping breakfast/lunch and forgetting my badge to enter the building I work in at home. After a shorter than usual day’s work, I packed up my things and got my bike from the basement warehouse. After reaching the bus stop my mind immediately went to riding my bike all the way home. I remembered my mom telling me to just take the bus, with my brother popping in a few times telling me which bus to take, discouraging me out of care and concern from riding my bike all the way. And I thought to myself, all the reasons they gave were to not ride my bike to work, but not back from work. So as Taylor Swift’s chart busting song goes I decided to “shake it off” and I began my expedition of 17.8 kilometers all the way home.




Determination is not just setting a goal and accomplishing it. Determination is accomplishing a goal when everyone and everything tells you “you can’t” even your mind and body. I will not lie and say that I rode my bike all 17.8 kilometers, there was a lot of walking while rolling my bike by my side. In my defense I was riding northbound with a lot more up hills. I stopped about halfway to get a Tim Horton’s Frozen Lemonade to cool off, as it was peak summer time. After finishing my frozen lemonade I hopped back on my bike and continued to pedal. By the time I reached the last 20 minutes of my biking I found myself saying that I should just hop on a bus for another 2 intersections, that my derrière was hurting too much, that I was beginning to feel light headed. I immediately caught myself and decided to tell myself that I was going to finish my challenge, even if it was so I could tell my parents what I did, but mostly because I hate quitting, it’s my biggest peeve; being a disappointment to myself. So I decided to stop listening to my mind and instead listen to my heart because although determination stems from the mind, the courage from my heart was fueling my “I KNOW I can” train.

By the time I reached home I calculated an estimate of three quarters bike riding and one quarter walking, which I was very proud of as it was a personal best (even if it was my only best/attempt).

Would I do it again? Probably not by choice! But at least now, thanks to my heart, my mind knows that I can do that!

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Safira Halani
Professional Photographer

Safira's life revolves around media, arts and entertainment. Always wanting to go to see the most recent release, keeping up with the latest gossip, and trying the newest in technology, Safira discovered she had the capability to show people the way she viewed the world, either through her artwork and writing skills. While in high school at the Toronto Waldorf School, Safira joined the Yearbook committee introducing her to graphic design & photography. From there Safira began to hone the power of the word & design, and to visualize stories through photography. Safira attended Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology for their Media & Communications and Broadcasting Television Programs where she mastered her skills in Mass Media, Communication & Broadcasting with a main focus on Sales, Marketing and Public Relations in regards to media and skills in photography, video editing, audio design, graphic design, production planning, and much more! Now, Safira is true jack-of-all-trades with a passion and knowledge in PR & Marketing, Film/Televison Production, and Photography & Graphic design with industry related experience in all.

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