Between holiday party potlucks and afternoon baking sessions in the kitchen, eating and drinking characterize the season.  Join in the neighbourhood cookie exchange, add an extra splash of rum to the eggnog and celebrate as the year winds down.  After all, it is December: eat, drink and be merry.

With a busier than norm schedule, frantically hustling up and down the shopping aisles is likely to become your greatest source of exercise.  And while your sore feet and perspiration levels will have you believing your participating in a full on fitness boot camp, sadly such is not the case.  Soon you’ll find a shift in your outlet for stress release from physical activity to consumer Christmas craze.  All of a sudden, you’re fighting for the last item on the shelf, arguing that the e-mail sent this morning offers an even better sale and using the strictly holiday hiree as a punching bag.  And while the magic of Christmas is in jeopardy, so too is the body you’ve been working all year long to achieve.

It’s easy to fall victim to the overindulging of sweets and treats and the oh-so welcoming December darkness.  It’s even easier to pump the brakes on your current exercise routine and use the new year as a fresh start.  Wipe the slate clean, a decidedly perfect time to try a new class or conquer a new goal.  Or finish this year exactly how you’ll start the next: feeling strong, confidant and totally on fleek.  No need for a resolution.  No need to re-think what you’ll be wearing when the ball drops.  Two words:  Knockout Outfit.




A recipe for anything but disaster, follow these foodie tips to strike a balance between taste-testing everything on the menu and needing to pop undone that top button (we’ve all been there).

  1. Commit to portion control: eat by the spoonful, not by the dish
  2. Think festive: maintain a colorful diet throughout holiday dining
  3. It’s all in the ingredients: satisfy that sweet tooth at home – you know exactly what you tossed together to make that last batch

Bite by bite, devour once-a-year pleasures with a full mouth and a big smile.  Just be mindful of your habits.  Because remember, Santa’s always watching (and he likes the cookies all to himself).

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Laura Shirk
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Laura is a University of Guelph alumna with an Honours Degree in Theatre Studies. Through her writing, she looks to engage with the online community and share her interest of arts and culture. She has no shame when it comes to dancing in public. Achievements: -Published Writer: primary contributor for Illuminessence e-magazine, a lifestyle magazine celebrating young professional women -Tottering Biped Theatre General Manager: a touring theatre company that aims to explore suburban theatre - during my time with TBT, I served as a community arts representative and helped to implement its first annual university touring theatre program, establish the Arts and Cultural Collective of Burlington and organize the first annual TBT Film Festival

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